Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Caesium hydride
      Caesium fluorides
      Caesium chloride
      Caesium bromide
      Caesium iodide
      Caesium bromate
      Caesium iodate
      Caesium periodate
      Caesium monoxide
      Caesium suboxides
      Caesium peroxides
      Caesium hydroxide
      Caesium sulphides
      Caesium sulphites
      Caesium sulphate
      Caesium persulphate
      Caesium thiosulphate
      Caesium dithionate
      Caesium trithionate
      Caesium tetrathionate
      Caesium sulphate
      Caesium selenate
      Caesium hydrazoate
      Caesium nitrite
      Caesium nitrate
      Caesium phosphide
      Caesium phosphates
      Caesium carbide
      Caesium carbonate
      Caesium hydrogen carbonate
      Caesium percarbonate
    PDB 1av2-3cep
    PDB 3dim-4ena

Physical Properties of Caesium

In chemical properties caesium is closely related to potassium and rubidium. When brought into contact with air, it undergoes rapid oxidation; and the pure metal ignites in dry oxygen at the ordinary temperature. It decomposes water energetically, the action on ice beginning at -116° C. Its solution in liquid ammonia reacts with ozone.

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