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Caesium nitrate, CsNO3

The Caesium nitrate, CsNO3 crystallizes in hexagonal prisms, isomorphous with the corresponding salts of rubidium and potassium; they melt at 407° C. or 414° C. At 20° C. its density is 3.643, and at 28° C. 3.687.

The solubility in water is given in the appended table:

Solubility of Caesium Nitrate

Temperature, °C0102030405060708090100
Grams of CsNO3 per 100 g. of water9.3314.923.033.947.264.483.8107134163197
The molecular electric conductivity of caesium nitrate between 446.6° and 556.3° C. is given by the formula

μt = 42.13+0.120(t - 450).

A saturated solution in contact with excess of the salt boils at 107.2° C. under 760 mm. pressure. Its solubility in absolute alcohol is very slight. With nitric acid it yields acid nitrates of the type CsNO3,HNO3, m.p. 100° C., and CsNO3,2HNO3, m.p. 32° to 36° C.

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