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Caesium in PDB, part 1 (1-50), PDB files 1av2 - 3cep

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Caesium (Cs) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Caesium atoms.
PDB files 1-50 (1av2 - 3cep):
  1. 1av2 - Gramicidin A/Cscl Complex, Active As A Dimer
  2. 1c4d - Gramicidin Cscl Complex
  3. 1fpm - Monovalent Cation Binding Sites in N10-Formyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase From Moorella Thermoacetica
  4. 1g57 - Crystal Structure of 3,4-Dihydroxy-2-Butanone 4-Phosphate Synthase
  5. 1gqt - Activation of Ribokinase By Monovalent Cations
  6. 1i0j - 1.06 A Structure Of the A-Decamer Gcgtatacgc With A Single 2'-O-Methyl-3'-Methylenephosphonate (T23) Thymine in Place of T6, High Cs-Salt
  7. 1i0k - 1.05 A Structure Of the A-Decamer Gcgtatacgc With A Single 2'-O-Methyl-[Tri(Oxyethyl)] Thymine in Place of T6, Medium Cs-Salt
  8. 1i9d - Arsenate Reductase From E. Coli
  9. 1j9b - Arsenate Reductase+0.4M Arsenite From E. Coli
  10. 1jzw - Arsenate Reductase + Sodium Arsenate From E. Coli
  11. 1kh8 - Structure Of A Cis-Proline (P114) to Glycine Variant of Ribonuclease A
  12. 1kjy - Crystal Structure Of Human G[Alpha]I1 Bound to the Goloco Motif of RGS14
  13. 1ogp - The Crystal Structure of Plant Sulfite Oxidase Provides Insight Into Sulfite Oxidation in Plants and Animals
  14. 1ovn - Crystal Structure and Functional Analysis of Drosophila Wind-- A Pdi-Related Protein
  15. 1q6u - Crystal Structure of Fkpa From Escherichia Coli
  16. 1r3l - Potassium Channel Kcsa-Fab Complex in Cs+
  17. 1rny - Ribonuclease A Crystallized From 3M Cesium Chloride, 30% Ammonium Sulfate
  18. 1s3c - Arsenate Reductase C12S Mutant From E. Coli
  19. 1s3d - Arsenate Reductase R60A Mutant From E. Coli
  20. 1s7z - Structure of Ocr From Bacteriophage T7
  21. 1sd8 - Arsenate Reductase R60K Mutant From E. Coli
  22. 1sd9 - Arsenate Reductase C12S Mutant +0.4M Arsenate From E. Coli
  23. 1sjz - Arsenate Reductase R60K Mutant +0.4M Arsenite From E. Coli
  24. 1sk0 - Arsenate Reductase R60A Mutant +0.4M Arsenite From E. Coli
  25. 1sk1 - Arsenate Reductase R60K Mutant +0.4M Arsenate From E. Coli
  26. 1sk2 - Arsenate Reductase R60A Mutant +0.4M Arsenate From E. Coli
  27. 1ttp - Tryptophan Synthase (E.C. in the Presence of Cesium, Room Temperature
  28. 1uzl - Maba From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  29. 1uzm - Maba From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  30. 1uzn - Maba From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  31. 1zod - Crystal Structure of Dialkylglycine Decarboxylase Bound With Cesium Ion
  32. 1zqf - Dna Polymerase Beta (Pol B) (E.C. Complexed With Seven Base Pairs Of Dna; Soaked in the Presence of Cscl (150 Millimolar)
  33. 2bkn - Structure Analysis of Unknown Function Protein
  34. 2bm6 - The Structure of Mfpa (RV3361C, C2221 Crystal Form). the Pentapeptide Repeat Protein From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Folds As A Right-Handed Quadrilateral Beta- Helix.
  35. 2dev - Crystal Structure of TT0972 Protein From Thermus Thermophilus With Cs(+) Ions
  36. 2f9c - Crystal Structure of Ydck From Salmonella Cholerae. Nesg Target SCR6
  37. 2fg8 - Structure of Human Ferritin L Chain
  38. 2hg5 - Cs+ Complex of A K Channel With An Amide to Ester Substitution in the Selectivity Filter
  39. 2hz5 - Crystal Structure of Human Dynein Light Chain DNLC2A
  40. 2j9x - Tryptophan Synthase in Complex With Gp, Alpha-D,L-Glycerol- Phosphate, Cs, PH6.5 - Alpha Aminoacrylate Form - (Gp)E(A- A)
  41. 2ov4 - Crystal Structure of B. Stearothermophilus Tryptophanyl Trna Synthetase in Complex With Adenosine Tetraphosphate
  42. 2qwy - Sam-II Riboswitch Bound to S-Adenosylmethionine
  43. 2r49 - Mutational and Structural Studies Of E85I Reveal the Flexible Loops of Fibrobacter Succinogenes 1,3-1,4-Beta-D- Glucanaseglucanase
  44. 2rif - Cbs Domain Protein PAE2072 From Pyrobaculum Aerophilum Complexed With Amp
  45. 2tpl - Tyrosine Phenol-Lyase From Citrobacter Intermedius Complex With 3-(4'- Hydroxyphenyl)Propionic Acid, Pyridoxal-5'-Phosphate and Cs+ Ion
  46. 2wuv - Crystallographic Analysis of Counter-Ion Effects on Subtilisin Enzymatic Action in Acetonitrile
  47. 2x1w - Crystal Structure Of Vegf-C in Complex With Domains 2 and 3 of VEGFR2
  48. 2xq6 - Pentameric Ligand Gated Ion Channel Glic in Complex With Cesium Ion (Cs+)
  49. 3c35 - Crystal Structure of GLUR5 Ligand-Binding Core in Complex With Cesium At 1.97 Angstrom Resolution
  50. 3cep - Structure of A Tryptophan Synthase Quinonoid Intermediate


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